Why Spyraflo?

Cordless Trash Compactors Require Rugged Bearings

Seahorse Power


Seahorse Power’s solar-powered Big Belly Trash Compacting System uses an energy-efficient chain drive that allows the units to be deployed virtually anywhere — parks, libraries and other public places. The compactor demands a compact, low-maintenance bearing able to handle a high load (1,200 pounds) in any type of weather over a 10-year life span.


While those requirements may seem daunting, they were no problem for Spyraflo. Our PTFE-composite bronze 0.750”-diameter, flange-mount bearings provide important benefits, including non-corrosive housings and a +/-5° static self-alignment capability. Because they could be mounted in sheet metal, these bearings reduced machining and assembly costs. Nothing trashy about that!

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