Why Spyraflo?

Custom Bearing = Big Winner in Las Vegas Atrium Solar Screens


Our customer fabricates and installs custom solar curtains for large buildings — in this case, the three-story atrium of a beautiful conference center hotel in Las Vegas. The solar curtains were on a timer, shading the atrium from the desert sun as the day progressed. Unfortunately, every time they moved, the solar curtains produced a loud squeal, which echoed off the hard surfaces of the atrium, annoying guests and employees alike. The problem? A simple plastic bearing.


Obviously, this situation was unacceptable, and although the manufacturer liked the capabilities of our stock bearings, a standard piece didn’t fit the solar curtain design. This led us to create a slightly taller custom bearing with a 10° self-alignment feature able to accommodate OEM product assembly. Made of bronze, it replaced the flanged plastic bearing responsible for all the ruckus in the atrium. The result? Peace and quiet … and shade.

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