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Low-Profile Gangway Bearing Eliminates Welding, Fixes Distortion


Weather, chemicals, dust. When it comes to unloading railcars or tankers, gangways have to withstand it all. But our customer, a manufacturer of gangways and loading racks, had a dilemma. The existing bearings used in its bulk material handling equipment were an expensive, time-consuming mess. The original bearing design required welding big blocks of stainless steel onto the chassis, which caused unsightly distortions and pockets. Despite their best efforts to correct the warping, the results still looked unprofessional.


Spyraflo addressed all of these issues in a custom 1”-diameter, SAE-840 bronze +/-5° self-aligning bearing mounted in a self-clinching stainless steel retainer. Our self-clinching technology allows our bearings to be mounted in thin material with no distortion at all, so the aesthetic problems were solved immediately. This also eliminated all of the welding expense. Moreover, our solution centralized the load in the mount and requires no maintenance at all. Our customer went from a 20-to-30-minute installation process to just 10 seconds per bearing.

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