Why Spyraflo?

New Design Requires New Bearing for Tape Dispenser

Marsh Shipping Supply Co.


Marsh Shipping Supply Co. wanted to do it right. So they asked a local university for input on the design of the company’s most efficient and effective electric tape dispenser to date. The university engineers suggested a sheet metal chassis to lower costs — a big plus. But the downside of using sheet metal was that the chassis had to be constructed in two pieces, increasing the likelihood of misalignment. Bottom line? The new design required a different bearing to ensure smooth, quiet and efficient operation.


Spyraflo’s self-clinching, self-aligning acetal bearings solved this sticky issue. Not only are they specifically designed to be used in sheet metal and other thin materials, they also accommodate misalignment with no problem. While our bearings were more expensive than others Marsh had been using, the self-clinching, self-aligning features eliminated the additional labor costs previously required for precision installation and alignment. As usual, our bearings quickly paid for themselves.

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