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Custom Bearing Design

Custom features

Custom high strength 4 bolt flange

Custom anti-corrosive finishes

With more than 50 years of experience designing and developing specialty bearings and assemblies, Spyraflo leads in innovative design for demanding applications such as:

  • consumer products
  • industrial machinery
  • material handling
  • automotive
  • food processing
  • solar & wind energy
  • printers & collators
  • outdoor power equipment
  • medical apparatus
  • architectural applications
  • electrical switchgear

Spyraflo’s engineers have designed hundreds of customized bearings that solve problems unique to a particular design. Our design team works as an extension of your staff. This partnership results in an ideal solution developed around your design — not a design driven by the limitations of standard bearings. We’ll work with you to determine the best design, size, bearing type and cost combination for your project.

Our custom-designed bearings range from simple modifications of standard bearings to completely custom bearings designed exclusively for your specific application and objectives.

For example, one of our long-term customers approached us with a major cost-saving challenge. The company had used one of our standard bearings in a prototype but was looking to reduce the size and cost of the mechanism. The project engineer asked if we could provide an “external cylindrical register” for the outside body of one of our self-clinching bearings. The goal was to be able to mount the bearing in one component, then stack subsequent components together using the body of the retainer for precision alignment.

Our engineers evaluated the request and quickly produced designs and prototypes which enabled locational tolerance of four components within 12 microns. Although this precision feature increased the cost of the bearing, the customer realized savings in production over 10 times the cost increase because several alignment parts — and the additional material supporting those parts — could be eliminated.

Another customer, thrilled with the benefits and performance of the Spyraflo bearings they specified, became concerned that the cost would be prohibitive in high-volume production. After the company contacted us, our engineers were able to fully assess the application and offer a complete win-win solution.

It turned out that the bearing was chosen by shaft size alone and changing the shaft size was not an option for our customer. Our engineers calculated service life and performance, quickly realizing that the specified bearing was rated for far more than the application required. With detailed information provided, our engineers were able to offer a custom bearing.

Designed around the customer’s exact constraints, Spyraflo was able to reduce total material usage by over 60% and machining cost by 30%. And because the annual quantity was well over 1 million units, we were able to customize our assembly processes as well, increasing production throughput by 25%. The result was an optimized design with a 40% cost reduction and one very pleased customer.

Spyraflo repeatedly meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers. We invite you to consider an original design from a company with extensive experience in both plain and rolling element bearings. Contact Spyraflo today to discuss your bearing challenges.

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