BEARINGS by Installation

Press Fit

Our press-fit bearings allow designers to take advantage of the benefits of Spyraflo self-aligning bearings without making the bearing a permanent part of the component. Press-fit bearings are ideal for mounting into injection-molded panels and mounts, thin sheet metal, hard non-ductile materials or simply in applications where replaceability is important.

The self-aligning feature delivers better bearing performance even when the mount or component isn’t perfectly aligned. This means you can have smooth-running precision bearings without binding or artificial loads created by the misalignment of the assembly itself.

Available in several bearing mediums, all of our press-fit bearings are self-aligning and provide unique benefits that can’t be found in other bearing products. Our press-fit bearings are designed to fit mounting holes with broader tolerances, which helps keep component costs to a minimum. Unlike other products which need the support of wide mounts, our press-fit bearings can be mounted into very thin components made from sheet metal, die castings, plastics, or even wood and laminates.

Other bearings often require fitting or sizing after assembly. Not so with Spyraflo! Our bearings maintain their ID dimensions after installation, which saves you the additional cost of subsequent machining or fitting.

When it comes to designing superior products, Spyraflo press-fit, self-aligning bearings deliver the freedom to design using less material, lower cost components and easier assembly — all with better bearing performance.

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