Plain Bearings

A plain bearing may be simple, but when our self-clinching and self-aligning features are added, plain bearings become dynamic problem solvers. Comprised of a bearing surface with no rolling elements, these journal bearings are compact, lightweight and can carry high loads. Excellent for moderate-load, high-speed applications, these bearings offer an extremely effective means of radial support.

Available in press-fit, self-clinching or mounted configurations, with or without Spyraflo’s patented self-aligning feature. Available materials include bronze, acetal and PTFE-composite bronze.

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Bearing Materials

PTFE-Composite Bronze 0.01" / 0.03 mm thick sliding layer of PTFE
Sintered bronze infrastructure 0.02" / 0.50 mm thick
Tin-plated steel backing 0.04" / 1.0 mm thick
SAE-840 Bronze 87.2% - 90.5% Copper / 9.5% - 10.5% Tin
25% Mobil Medium Oil (45 Viscosity)
Acetal Self-lubricating thermoplastic polymer resin
Acetal-AF Thermoplastic polymer resin with PTFE fibers (20%)
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