Self Clinch, Self Align, PTFE Composite Bronze


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Part #: FSP-1000
Bearing Type: Plain
Self Aligning: Self-Aligning
Mounting: Self-Clinching
Nominal ID: 1"
Min Shaft Dia: .9979"
Max Shaft Dia: .9991"
Max Radial Load: 4000 lbf
Max Speed: 1500 rpm
Weight: 3.3 oz
Allowable Motions: Oscillating
Available Options: Clear Zinc Plated (CZP)

Standard finish: black oxide

Panel Hole (A) : 1.5790" (+.003" / -.000)
Min Mount Thickness (B) : .065"
Min Dist CL to Edge : 1.076"
Flange Dia (or Spline Dia) (C) : 1.58"
Height (D) : .9"
Install Force : 12 tons
Anvil Dia (G) : 1.598"
Anvil Dia + : "
Anvil Dia - : "
Anvil Min Depth (H) : 1.1"
Punch Min Dia (J) : 1.83"

Spyraflo PTFE composite bronze bearings are an extremely high performance plain bearing. A porous layer of bronze particles is sintered onto a steel backing. A PTFE (polytetreflouroethylene) solid substrate is formed into the porous bronze matrix. During operation, a film of PTFE is transferred to the shaft creating a lubricating film. Continued shaft movement ensures constant presence of PTFE lubricant between the bearing and shaft. Under high loads, the PTFE film performs like a hydrostatic bearing and gives the rare benefit of decreased friction as surface load pressure increases.

This product is a great choice for applications with slow to moderate speeds and loads. Our online WearLife calculator can help you to evaluate the service life. Many designers find this bearing offers an unbeatable combination of cost, performance and long service life for slow speed high load applications. Our PTFE composites are chemically resistant to water, alcohol, glycols and mineral oils and is suitable for applications which are dirty/dusty and are resilient to shock loads.

  PTFE Composite Bronze
Material Content / Structure Bronze PTFE Composite Matrix on Zinc Plated Steel Backing
Shaft Requirements Recommended surface finish: 16 RMS (.4 Ra)
Operating Temperature -40° to 280° Fahrenheit
-40° to 195° Celsius
HT-High Temp -0° to 540° Fahrenheit
-17° to 282° Celsius
LT-Low Temp -200° to 200° Fahrenheit
-130° to 93° Celsius
PV Ratings    
P - Pressure (Standard) 8000 PSI
P - Pressure (Metric) 56 N/mm^2
V- Velocity (Standard) 400 FPM
V- Velocity (Metric) 2 m/s
PV - Pressure x Velocity (Standard) 50000 PSI x FPM
PV - Pressure x Velocity (Metric) 1.8 N/mm^2 x m/s
Friction Coefficient µ 0.03 to 0.25
Options Bronze or stainless steel backing
Flanged thrust face
Storage Clean, dry storage.
Maintenance Maintenance free
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