Solving Your Design Challenges With Precision

By integrating our self-clinching and self-aligning bearings into your unique applications - we can improve your products’ performance and reduce costs.

Aluminum Pillow Block Mounts

Support shafts operating parallel to the mounting surface.

Aluminum Housing Flange Mounts

Support shafts operating perpendicular to, or passing through, the mounting surface.

2-Bolt Steel Flange, Flat and 90°

This low-profile mounted bearing is an economical option that is customizable with material and finish options and easy to install.

Press Fit

Require a minimal footprint and an interference fit installation.

Ideal for prototype designs, where space is limited or where replaceability is important.

Feed Thru Guides

Provide an insulated and smooth passage through panels making it an ideal solution for wire or cable feeding.

Stand Offs

These spacers offer a rigid, non-conductive solution that flush-mount to your panel and are designed for easy and permanent installation.






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