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Acetal bearings are ideal for applications requiring a low coefficient of friction, rotary, oscillatory and/or linear motion.


Bronze bearings are ideal for high-speed, medium-load applications.

PTFE-Composite Bronze bearings are ideal for low-moderate speed, moderate to high load application.

Ball Bearings are ideal for applications requiring a compact design with extremely low rolling resistance and the broadest speed range capabilities.

Needle roller bearings offer a broad range of performance, ideal for slow to high speeds with light to high loads.

Flange-mounted bearings are infinitely customizable and easy to install (or replace!) if needed.

Pillow Block mounts are designed to support shafts operating parallel to the mounting surface.

Housing Flange-mounted bearings provide added structural support without adding excess weight.

Press Fit

Ideal for prototype designs or in applications where replaceability is important.


Self-aligning bearings allow designers to achieve design intent without the costly methods required to keep bearings mounts perfectly aligned.

Self-clinching bearings are a dream come true for products designed using Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) principles.


Feed Thru Guides component provide an insulated and smooth passage through panels making it an ideal solution for wire or cable feeding.

These spacers offer a rigid, non-conductive solution that flush-mount to your panel and are designed for easy and permanent installation






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