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PTFE-Composite Bronze Bearings

Spyraflo’s PTFE Composite bearings are an extremely high-performance plain bearing. A porous layer of bronze particles is sintered onto a steel backing. A layer of PTFE is then formed into the porous bronze matrix. During operation, PTFE is transferred to the shaft creating a lubricating film. Under high loads, the PTFE film performs like a hydrostatic bearing and gives the rare benefit of decreased friction as surface load pressure increases.

PTFE-Composite Bronze bearings are ideal for low-moderate speed, moderate to high load applications, are well suited to handle a dirty or dusty environments, and are resilient to shock loads. Additionally, they are chemically resistant to water, alcohol, glycols and mineral oils, and perform well dry-running or with added lubrication. Many designers find this bearing offers an unbeatable combination of cost, performance and long service life.

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PTFE-Composite Bronze

Material: Bronze/PTFE Composite Matrix, steel substrate

Lubrication: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

P - Pressure: 8,000 PSI

V - Velocity: 400 FPM

PV Rating: 50,000 PSI x FPM

Friction Coefficient: µ 0.03 - 0.25

Shaft Requirements: 95 HRB (min), 16 RMS (0.4 Ra) Surface Finish

Operating Temp: -40° to 280° F

Options: -HT for High-Temp (0° to 540°F), -LT for Low-Temp (-200° to 200°F)

Maintenance: None.

Storage: Clean, dry storage.

We offer bearings in press-fit, self-clinching, or mounted configurations, with plain or rolling elements, in a variety of materials. Bearings come in standard inch and metric sizes — including miniature options.






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