Stand Offs

SPYRASPACER standoffs are available pre-threaded or with a thread-ready bore

and offer a permanent, strong mount to thin panels. These spacers offer a rigid,

non-conductive solution that flush-mount to your panel and are designed for

easy and permanent installation. The construction of the SPYRASPACER prevents

material displacement or unwanted rotation during the service life.

Thread-ready SPYRASPACER PCBs, also available pre-threaded or with a thread-

ready bore, are a great solution for non-metal panel mounts such as printed

circuit boards or base materials such as resin, nylon, fiber board, glass, acrylic,

or canvas. These compact solutions require less mounting force than our standard

self-clinch design but are still resistant to material displacement or rotation during

service life. The SPYRASPACER PCB is non-conductive and available as pre-

threaded or with a thread-ready bore.

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We offer bearings in press-fit, self-clinching, or mounted configurations, with plain or rolling elements, in a variety of materials. Bearings come in standard inch and metric sizes — including miniature options.






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