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Acetal Bearings

Spyraflo’s Acetal bearings use a chemically lubricated crystalline acetal homopolymer material where the coefficient of static friction is the same or less than the coefficient of its dynamic friction. It maintains strength and rigidity over a broad temperature range and exhibits excellent creep resistance.

Acetal-AF bearing options contain 20% PTFE fibers, which doubles the peak velocity capability and increases shaft lubrication significantly, giving outstanding low wear characteristics.

A particularly useful feature for appropriate applications is the ability to withstand repeated impact without distortion. Our Acetal bearings are ideal for applications requiring a low coefficient of friction, rotary, oscillatory and/or linear motion. When provided with a stainless steel housing, the bearing assembly is rated FDA compliant and suitable for food processing/ packaging and washdown applications.

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Material: Crystalline Acetal Homopolymer

Lubrication: None Added

P - Pressure: 1,000 PSI

V - Velocity: 100 FPM

PV Rating: 3,000 PSI x FPM


Acetal -AF

Material: ← (CAH) w/ 20% PTFE Fibers

Lubrication: None Added

P - Pressure: 900 PSI

V - Velocity: 200 FPM

PV Rating: 7,000 PSI x FPM

We offer bearings in press-fit, self-clinching, or mounted configurations, with plain or rolling elements, in a variety of materials. Bearings come in standard inch and metric sizes — including miniature options.






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