Heavy-Duty Bearing Withstands the Heat in Vulcan Commercial Oven


Vulcan Heavy-Duty Ranges

Ask any chef about the finest cooking equipment in the world, and Vulcan will certainly be at the top of the list. When developing its V Series of heavy-duty ranges, Vulcan engineers were faced with a number of challenges. For example, the hinged door on the oven required a bearing that would withstand the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen, including acidic food spills, corrosive cleaning materials, and 500°F ambient heat when the door was open. And did you know that chefs often stand on open oven doors to reach upper shelves and griddles?

If you can’t stand the heat … Spyraflo can! A custom high-temperature, self-aligning, 0.500”-diameter pillow block bearings met all of the core requirements for the oven door. Incorporating an aluminum pillow-block housing and a +/-5° self-alignment capability, these PTFE-composite bronze bearings can be operated at temperatures of up to 540°F. The only design concession required was the use of countersunk mounting holes instead of traditional bolt holes. Piece of cake!

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