Installation & Tooling


Installation of Spyraflo Self-Clinch bearings requires a smooth, continuous pressing operation. Hydraulic, pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic presses are ideal for this purpose. The press should be minimally rated for your bearing’s required installation force and able to accept specific tooling.

No press, no problem. Our engineering team has developed a portable installation tool for self-clinch bearings which is best suited for low volume or expected repeat usage. Tooling is provided and sized for the bearing being installed. Additional tooling for other bearing sizes can be provided upon request.

Spyraflo makes every effort to ensure our customers have the knowledge and resources necessary to optimize their assembly process.

Contact Us for questions about appropriate equipment selection or to request more information on a portable installation tool.

We have the in-house expertise, facilities and certifications necessary to add significant value to your manufacturing and assembly processes.






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