Installation & Tooling

Installation & Assembly

Installation of Self-Clinch and Press-Fit bearings require the use of specific tooling, equipment and sometimes technique. We understand that investing in assembly tooling or press equipment may be of little interest to you.

Whether you are testing a large prototype run, performing statistical analysis or if resources are just not available… we have you covered! We install bearings, literally, every day.

Spyraflo customers commonly request bearing installation services in one of two ways:

  • Provide us with your panel or bracket mount specification. We will handle the production and inspection of your bearing mount. After inspection, we’ll install the bearing and ship you the completed assembly, or,
  • Send us your already produced panel or bracket mount, we’ll install the bearing and ship the assembled product back to you.

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We have the in-house expertise, facilities and certifications necessary to add significant value to your manufacturing and assembly processes.






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