Analysis & Evaluation

Operational Studies

Will the bearing work in your application? Bearings 101: Validation is best achieved in the live operating environment.

While this statement is true, evaluation may be beneficial, or even necessary, long before operation begins. Operational studies provide results where calculations fall short, transforming the design process from theoretical to successfully applied. Spyraflo’s engineering team has the resources available to setup, perform controlled testing and provide detailed results.

Examples of operating factors:

  • Temperature/humidity
  • Dust/dirt ingression
  • Chemical exposure
  • Load type/direction
  • Rotary Speed/oscillatory cycle
  • Mating component interaction

Examples of analysis:

  • ID surface wear (@ time interval)
  • Operational noise
  • Mechanical interferences
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Metallurgical evaluation
  • Estimated bearing life
  • Unintended load discovery
  • Bearing/lubrication verification

An operational evaluation can be tailored to specifications you provide and with expert focus on any areas of concern.

We have the in-house expertise, facilities and certifications necessary to add significant value to your manufacturing and assembly processes.






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