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Self-Clinch and Press-Fit bearings require the use of specific tooling during the installation process. During the press operation, correct tooling serves to protect the bearing from damage or deformation, supports the mounting surface which helps prevent warping and unwanted positional changes, and overall facilitates a successful installation process.

Spyraflo already provides the critical tooling dimensions within our product specifications. References to these dimensions include details for the punch tool and for the anvil. The punch tool moves with the ram, making contact with the bearing, securing it to the panel or bracket. The anvil supports mounting surface and provides clearance for the bearing during installation.

We are happy to offer the convenient option of providing tooling for you! Tooling eventually wears, sometimes tooling crashes, or maybe your process is just getting into motion. Let us handle the tight tolerances, material selection and hardening process.

Contact Our Engineering Team for tooling tailored to your equipment.

We have the in-house expertise, facilities and certifications necessary to add significant value to your manufacturing and assembly processes.






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